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I'm sorry smart734 But that's actually out of the question, it has an ARM processor not an X86 so there is no Ubuntu for it right now.
But on another hand you are quite lucky you got the WM8505 and not the VT8500 like me, there is a Dibian for it, or an Android for it, if you go a little further back in this thread you will find the links to install it and also the instructions on how to install it

Good luck
I have such un 8505 based chinese 7" netbook and have been rather successful at installing it, though I did not found it in this thread but instead by googling 'linux 8505' or 'linux ARM'. What is odd is that this debian can't know anything with the built-in 2 Gb storage. lshw clearly shows it is not known from the system. Has anyone be successful at it?