Thanks for helping out, aaepl. I've been really busy with work and personal stuff, so I've had ZERO time to work on solving this problem. I thought in I had a Windows-friendly command, but perhaps it's not right.

In any case, for anyone that can't get this working on Windows, I strongly suggest you change your Perl from the MATLAB-built-in interpreter to using ActivePerl.

As aaepl said, messing around with the source code in isn't too challenging - and if you're comfortable working in MATLAB, you shouldn't be too flummoxed by writing in Perl...

I'm making some progress on the more generalized XFOIL/MATLAB hook, and at some point I might start a SourceForge page or something to make the project larger, should it require that. I don't see it getting that big, since all you need to be able to input is Re, Ma and alfa (and aseq to get a range of alfa), but it would be nice to have others help out.

I'll keep everyone apprised as I continue. Development is kind of on hold due to issues with my own life that I'm taking care of.