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Thread: upgrade backup assistance needed

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    upgrade backup assistance needed

    Okay, after playing with 10.04 LTS on the wife's netbook, I am wanting to upgrade my 9.04 laptop. One thing, I can not go directly to 10.04 without a clean install and doing the step to step upgrade is not recommended from my reading. There are just some quirks about 9.04 on my laptop that I would like to get away from, such as any kernel updates I have to re-install my nVidia drivers and then re-build my madwifi setup in order to be back up and running. I guess I could build a script to run and have it do all that instead of my going line by line, but if I didn't have to worry about it even better yet.

    With that in mind, I am wanting to back up my settings and files. If I back up my "/home" folder, ie burn it backed up to a dvd, will that work?

    Or would it cause me to re-install everything back with the new 10.04 install?

    If I did re-install everything and then restored the data back to the hard drive would the re-installed programs utilize the customized settings from the restored backup?

    Would it be more beneficial if I gparted the drive and created a separate volume for my data to reside in and moved the /home folder there?

    Sorry for all these noob questions but I do not want to hose everything up and then be in a bind. Took me long enough to find a release that would work on this laptop to begin with. I got it back when 8.04 was the latest release and suffered through Vista until 9.04 alpha 2 came out and that worked so I kept with 9.04 through the final. I just like using a LTS as my last laptop before the video died on it was a LTS release as well. Something about long term support...

    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. Hopefully I will get some guidance from the Ubuntu masters!

    Also one more - what is the best way to adjust partitions in your opinion? To use windows to resize or gparted? I want to reduce the windows partition and give more to Ubuntu!
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