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Thread: Boot loader issue with MacBook Pro 5,1 Ubuntu install

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    Boot loader issue with MacBook Pro 5,1 Ubuntu install

    I tried to install Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro 5,1 today. I had problems before, so I 0'd out my drive, reinstalled OS X, installed rEFIt, partitioned my HD, erased the windows partition with the disk utility, and got all the way to the installation. However, when I choose Advanced Options towards the end of the install dialogues, where I'm supposed to choose a dev/ option, there is a repeat.

    dev/sda2 <- I think this is the OS X partition

    As a result, I can't choose sda-1. When I erased the boot camp partition through GParted, it was listed as dev/sda3. What should I do? I don't want to eff up my partition tables. Any suggestions?
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