Hello folks.

At first, a big thank to FakeOutdoorsman for the excellent guide.
Compiling and installing worked flawless.

However, i have to call ffmpeg trough transcode, which in turn gets called by dvd::rip.

I´m getting this when i try to encode something:

export_ffmpeg.so Using FFMPEG codec 'h264' (FourCC 'h264', H264 (avc)).
export_ffmpeg.so No profile selected
export_ffmpeg.sowarning: Error opening configuration file ./ffmpeg.cfg: No such file or directory
export_ffmpeg.so Starting 1 thread(s)
export_ffmpeg.so Set display aspect ratio to input
[libx264 @ 0x230d940]broken ffmpeg default settings detected
[libx264 @ 0x230d940]use an encoding preset (vpre)
export_ffmpeg.so warning: could not open FFMPEG codec
encoder.cwarning video export module error: init failed
transcode critical: failed to init encoder
I´m really stuck on this. Would writing an ffmpeg.cfg help?
If so, what to put in there?