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Thread: why there are only five games in the new ubuntu (lucid)

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    Angry why there are only five games in the new ubuntu (lucid)

    I just upgraded my son's computer and we were very upset seeing that "same-gnome" his favorite game has just gone.

    He's 3 years old and this is the only game he currently play on the computer (besides drawing and typing random characters).

    There is no way to get it installed via apt-get/aptitue as well.

    Please advise,


    Just found out there is a new game which replace the old and beloved same-gnome called "Swell Foop" too bad the one we loved is not there anymore.
    gnome-samegnome.png Same Gnome is a puzzle game. The game is now called Swell Foop. The goal is to remove the objects in as few moves as possible. Similar objects that are adjacent to each other are removed as a group. The remaining objects then collapse to fill in the gaps and new groups are formed. You cannot remove single objects.
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