How to help Ubuntu Studio may be to bring it back around to it's beginnings. Must people i have bumped into who use "studio" are not using that derivative but instead loading Ubuntu and adding apps and RT-Kernel afterwards.

just adding "ubuntu-studio desktop" is not enough. the project is spending time on appearance (which is a "selling point") but the guts of it can be tuned accordingly to perform out of the box so to speak. there is way too much tinkering needed to get ubuntu-studio up and productive. How can we help?

perhaps start a thread or even brainstorm all the little tinkering and tweak each person has had to do to get U-Studio up and productive. fix or change those problems and then ask feedback from users. setting for jack, rt-kernel version etc. Even find out processor, memory and whether they use drivers for their graphics card. trust me. ATi and Nvidia work just fine on VESA settings. AND i get realtime performance without any glitches.

i used 64studio for almost 3.5 years. They have had really no progression since version 2.0. Hard to stick with a distro when you are stuck with dated apps and inability to upgrade due to age of distro. Ubuntu has a HUGE advantage over them...steady constant release.

If there was a way to fix user annoyances, update, upgrade without loosing known good stability then Ubuntu Studio would rock! think i'll go check out brainstorm.