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Thread: 17 seconds for the grub menu to show up

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    17 seconds for the grub menu to show up

    I don't know if this is normal or not, but when i start the computer it says " grub loading" for about 17seconds, then the grub menu shows up.
    Is there a way to solve this issue or i should wait for some updates to solve it later on ?
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    Post Re: 17 seconds for the grub menu to show up

    This is a bug that I've reported a couple of months ago:

    The workaround is to reorder your drives so that Grub2 & the MBR are on the First drive.
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    Exclamation Re: 17 seconds for the grub menu to show up
    Was also noted a while ago.

    IMHO the drive reordering is not a solution nor a workaround; it's a "Band-aid" to cover some poor code. Only those with the time to play around, with familiarity in Gparted" or those with data to [possibly] lose will agree this is a solution!
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