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Thread: Connecting Cannon Pixma iP90v to 9.04

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    Connecting Cannon Pixma iP90v to 9.04

    Hi, I'm trying to connect a Cannon Pixma iP90v to 9.04 to a Novatech X15 GT, and haven't been having much luck.
    I also tried it on a Dell 5000, and couldn't get it to work, so I don't think its the computer hardware thats causing the problem.

    The problem is, I connect the printer, and add a new printer via the printer configuration. At the end of the setup, it states

    Missing Driver
    Printer 'iP90' requires the 'pstocanonij' program but it is not currently installed. Please install it before using printer.

    Searching around, I found two other threads where people have had issues with this printer, and I have found the solutions to not work.

    When I try to print with it (after installing the driver mentioned here it gives the message

    Printer 'iP90':'cups-missing-filter
    I know cups is something to do with a print server, but thats about the end of my knowledge on it.

    Also, this sitestates that it works perfectly with linux, and offers recommended drivers, but I don't know how to try them out.

    So, I was wondering if anyone can give me a hint what to do here, my older printers just pluged in a printed right away, this ones a bit more frustrating.


    edit: also, just installed it through this guide, and it still gives

    I think I still have the CDs shipped with it, would pstocanonij be on there somewhere?
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