Great video... I was beginning to think I was the only one that saw things in that light.

I few weeks ago I started a thread about the fact that not enough people donate and gave an example to the potential problems some distributions face due to lack of funds. I mentioned how I felt if we all donated a single dollar how it would stimulate what we have access to.

Sure enough, some jackass chimed in about being worried about making someone rich richer and how it was better to just wait for some rich person to throw money at the projects and pray it was the one we were interested in...

Are you freaking kidding me?

This video explained why we don't have access to some great industry standard applications. Well there you have it... if you want Linux to be taken seriously as a viable business model, we need to put money into it, because money is what drives business.

The whole free software definition is misinterpreted. We are free to run the software as we want, we are free to modify the code to suit our purposes, we are free to assist each other and free to redistribute.

But that does little to compensate for the cost to make everything we use accessible to us... just the internet connection isn't free for us to go out there and get it.

I agree with everything said in that video... There are some definite positive opportunities in funding standardizations. Not everyone has to adopt them, but they would be beneficial for closed source companies to experiment with that business model. I think that Linux standardized distro even if it wasn't free but say had a price tag of $60 would be a bargain when you consider what the alternatives in Windows and Mac cost, specially if it offered access to industry standard applications for LESS! Not for a minute do I think that such a scenario would be detrimental to linux. I am willing to bet that even the smoochers would find it easy to borrow that little bit of money from a friend or family (and never pay them back) to have such access.

So ask yourself, do you have a buck to spare? Then donate it. It is the least you can do. Do with out a run to the candy bar, junk food machine, hell that crap costs more than donating a buck and its BAD FOR YOU!!!!

How is it that he put it?
Developers need to eat food too...