I've tried omega drivers, My tech guy has tried windows drivers, I have tried, ati drivers, catalyst and even have run a mod program to modify the ati drivers. I have unintstalled each driver before installing the next one as well as run driver cleaner pro inbetween installing drivers.

AND still! Everytime I try and extend my desktop to my video output. It changes my desktop resolution and also clones the desktop instead of extending it. Should I get a gun and shoot the freaking thing. It's on a crappy ol Dell Inspiron e1705 fo course.

The thing is I had it working just fine for over a year. But I don't remember the driver I used. I think it was something obscure and even the person who originally told me about it can't remember what it could have been. I thouhgt maybe Omega. but theya re nto working right either.

I have installed framework.net by the way too.