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Thread: kdenlive exporting 16:9 widescreen problem

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    kdenlive exporting 16:9 widescreen problem

    When I export a wide screen clip with kdenlive the whole video shows only the first frame. The audio is ok.

    I'm trying to import a video clip from my JVC camera. The JVC saves the clips as .MOD files, which is actually mpeg2 pal-dv widescreen (anamorphic).
    I have to convert them with handbrake to mp4 because kdenlive (and kino for that matter) doesn't recognize the clips as widescreen. Totem plays the raw MOD files perfectly
    I've tried several import formats,anamorphic and regular pixels in several formats.
    I've tried exporting to several formats but the results are the same. It shows a still picture with audio .
    When I export in kdenlive as raw-dv and import the dv file in kino, the timeline in kino confirms that the whole video is actually one frame repeated throughout the length of the video.
    I've created regular 4:3 video's before with kdenlive and they are fine.

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    Re: kdenlive exporting 16:9 widescreen problem

    I have a very similar problem. Every time I import a widescreen MOD file in Kdenlive it turns into 3:4.


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