Hi all,

appear to be having a problem with my laptop's wireless now I have just installed 9.04. 8.10 also had a problem, but only showed itself when connective to WPA2 networks. 8.04 on the other hand worked flawlessly. In this version though, the problem appears to have gotten worse - now the network manager can't see my wireless card at all!


The machine is an HP tx1340ea, with a Broadcom BCM4328 network controller.

Its a bit weird, I was actually posting a problem report but then I was going through the steps in various troubleshooting threads to try and give some useful information and it started working!

The sequence of events since I installed it fresh this time round was:
I uninstalled the Broadcom STA wireless driver, restarted, used the switch on the front to turn the wireless card off, restarted, used the same switch to turn it back on, restarted, reinstalled the Broadcom STA wireless driver, restarted. Hey-presto! It appears to be working.

It even seems to still work after multiple normal reboots!

Hope this is helpful to someone, if anyone has a logical explanation for this I would also love to hear it!