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Thread: GameGuard protected games that do not work in Wine

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    GameGuard and Hackshield protected games that do not work in Wine

    nProtect GameGuard from INCA Internet is an anti-cheating application that is included in many online games (see list below). It accomplishes its protection features by use of a Windows device driver. Since Windows drivers do not work in wine, GameGuard cannot function with the games it is designed to protect and the game itself will not run in Wine without it.

    PC Games that are known to use GameGuard protection:
    • 2Moons
    • 9Dragons
    • Albatross18
    • Asda Story
    • BOTS
    • Cabal Online
    • Cal Ripken's Real Baseball
    • Counter-Strike Online (Asian market only)
    • Cronous
    • Dance! Online
    • Darkeden
    • Digimon RPG
    • Dragonica Online
    • Drift City
    • Dungeon & Fighter
    • Emil Chronicle Online
    • Exteel
    • FlyFF
    • - All games from this site use GameGuard
    • Gersang
    • Grand Chase
    • GunBound
    • Gunster
    • GunZ: The Duel
    • Heat Project
    • Hyper Relay
    • Legend of Mir 3
    • Lineage II
    • Lunia
    • Monster Hunter Frontier
    • Mu Online
    • Navy Field
    • OZ World
    • Pangya
    • Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
    • Phantasy Star Universe
    • Priston Tale
    • Ragnarok Online
    • Rakion
    • Rappelz
    • Ran Online
    • Rohan Online
    • ROSE Online
    • Seal Online
    • Shot Online
    • Soldier Front
    • Sudden Attack
    • Tales Runner
    • The Chronicles of Spellborn
    • Trickster
    • Twelve Sky
    • WolfTeam
    • WonderKing Online (non-English versions)
    • Xiah online

    Hackshield from AhnLab is an anti-cheat application similar to GameGuard. As such, it also does not work in Wine (though for technically different reasons) which prevents the games it protects from also working in Wine.

    PC Games that are known to use Hackshield protection:
    • Alliance of Valiant Arms
    • Combat Arms
    • Crossfire
    • Elsworld Taiwan
    • Gunz: The Duel
    • KalOnline
    • Mabinogi
    • MapleStory
    • Point Blank
    • Rappelz
    • Requiem: Bloodmare/Requiem Online
    • RF Online
    • S4 League
    • Shot Online
    • Vindictus
    • WonderKing Online (English version) NOTE - As of June, 2010 this game has been reported to work in Wine, despite still having HackShield. If anyone can confirm that it is indeed working, please reply in this thread.
    • Warrock

    You may be able to get some of these games running using a virtual machine like VMWare or VirtualBox, but they will likely never work in Wine as long as they continue to use GameGuard and Hackshield. If anyone knows of any other games that may be using GameGuard and/or Hackshield, please let me know and I will update the list. Additionally, if anyone knows of games currently on the list that no longer use these protection schemes and now do work in Wine, also let me know so that I can remove them.

    NOTE: Due to the questionable legality of private servers, please do not bring them up in this thread. The information in this post really only applies to the use of these games on official servers.
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