From another post of mine in this forum:

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Automatic Detection:
- CORRECT Screen Resolution/Position --> a first for Ubuntu(or ANY Linux distribution)
- High Speed USB 2.0 ports
- Sound --> Don't you just love the Intrepid Boot's so Ubuntu!!!

- NVIDIA Driver 173(or 171?...can't remember)
- screenlets
- Cairo Dock
- Dark Room Theme( yeah!!!)...
As you can see, Intrepid actually worked better for me than Hardy. One thing I forgot to mention in the above post was that my printer was picked up by default in Intrepid....this was not the case in Hardy. Installing NVIDIA drivers in Hardy was annoying and had to be done through Envy. Installing drivers in Intrepid was much easier through restricted drivers.

For me it has been worth it to upgrade, to the non-LTS distro, due to superior hardware detection.