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  • -9, -8

    27 6.73%
  • -7, -6

    49 12.22%
  • -5, -4, -3

    86 21.45%
  • -2, -1

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  • GMT. +1, +2

    170 42.39%
  • +3, +4, +5

    26 6.48%
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    19 4.74%
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Thread: Which timezone are you from?

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    Which timezone are you from?

    Hey everyone. I've always been curious to know how "24/7" the forums really are. So this is a chance to see what time everyone is from. You can see this phenomenon in the bump thread; depending on what time it is, and how much time people have.

    As internationalisations goes, GMT is the relative point where all the other zones are based off, so lets go from there. East is GMT+ and West is GMT-, then append the hours afterwards.

    ex: Im from GMT-5 (US Eastern Standard Time) so pick the -5,-4,-3 option

    Of course you don't have to specifically tell where you're from. If you like, just vote in the poll and go about your business.

    Again this is just for fun...and I hope you have fun.

    See this if you're not sure where you would stand

    Since there is more time zones than poll options, some are grouped to regional location, so bear with me.

    The :30 intervals will just have to stick with their respective hour intervals
    Ex: GMT+8:30 will be grouped with GMT+8, etc.

    Also, there are some non-standard zones: GMT+13 and GMT+14; which will be grouped with the GMT+12 zone.

    Thanks for playing

    EDIT: eternalnewbee had a dream "Instead of a poll graph use a map with borders, and click on your time zone or country. That would be your vote." Unfortunately, the forums wouldnt let us do that. So xpod gave us a link to see how that may have looked like: HERE
    (warning, that page takes MASSIVE resources to render that Google Map. You're browser may crash in the process. If not, then enjoy)
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