Now that the Ibex is up and running (or gallopping) I think it is time to mention a few things:

- Even with all the bugs that have not been completely resolved I get a OS which is quite up to date, I can download it for "free", it gets support from all of us (and people with Canonical) to become even better over time

- The idea of having this will hopefully help many people in countries where computers are still rare and expensive. All the donations from lets say five years ago will not run on MS-Vista as they do not have the necessary technical requirements. But most will run on Ubuntu, even on Ibex with all the bugs.

- The word Ubuntu comes from Africa, having worked there for several years in various countries I hope Ubuntu will return to where it comes from and help people to keep up or get to the point of being able to participate in new technology. (hey, always be aware, Africa is a huge continent, not only what we think about it in stereotypes)

- Thanks to everyone who is helping to make this possible, with all the ranting about bugs we should not forget the philosophy behind Ubuntu.

-In the rich countries we can afford to buy all the hard- and software we want or think to need, in many other countries people live on the brink of lets be grateful about what we get, lets stop complaining and let us hope it will help some people to get access to what we already think is "essential" in life.

So , thank you all for participating and a special thanks to the people who make this financially possible, the next step will be to do more advertising this system to show people in the poor income countries that there is an alternative to "shareholder value".

Thank you all