I purchased Brother HL-2140 black and white laser printer for intrepid, for no other reason than support for the HP Laserjet 1018 got broken in Hardy, and has not been fixed (also not working in Intrepid), and have to report the Brother HL-2140 does not work using the HL-2170W driver, which is what is autodetected, (installed the LPR and Cups wrapper from Brother's website before anything is stated in linuxprinting.org site) it will not print under auto-detect settings, i googled and found someone had used the Brother 2060 driver to get it to print in Hardy, and that also works under Intrepid, however it is somewhat crippled in that it only prints in 600dpi. after my hp laserjet 1018 losing support in both hardy and intrepid, and my new replacement being somewhat crippled with a hack, and not working under its recognized configuration, i have less confidence in ubuntu's laser printing support, i tried to find one that would actually work, and that was a chore, and at best its working under a hack thats crippled. i have googled for solutions and have not found any other than use 2060 driver. hopefully someone other than myself can file a bug report.