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I've been following this thread for a couple days now but just wanted to chime in to see sort of where thinga are at.

It appears that using the 2.6.27-rc2 Kernel (32-bit) was sufficient, correct? Most of the other problems have had to do with 64-bit systems?

FYI: Running Dell Latitude e6500 with Intel Wifi 5100, NVIDIA 160M gfx and Hardy Heron
I can confirm that this driver does NOT work with 2.6.27-rc8 on an Intel Centrino 2 Duo (64-bit) with an Intel 5100 AGN. This includes trying with the latest versions of compat-wireless, both with support compiled into the kernel and with relying totally on the compat-wireless modules. This also includes using the config.mk hacks.

Basically, the 3x and 4x modules will be compiled. The 5x module apparently never is. Neither the 3x nor the 4x module will recognize the card. Yes, I have the 5000 firmware installed in /lib/firmware. Yes, I have ensured that the RF kill switch is on. And yes, I've actually cycled the RF kill switch and there's no difference.

This card is coming out in a lot of new laptops. Linux needs support for this badly.