Hey there, I've just installed ubuntu on both of my parents computers. So far is going smoothly, they're quite surprised with the fact that free (as in beer) software is able to do all the common everyday tasks.

Now, I am sure some maintainence will be necessary from time to time and they live a few thousand kilometers away from me. I would normally connect using SSH and be happy.
But this time I would like to guive a try to VNC for several reasons.

First questio is:
is it possible for for them to see the mouse pointer moving as I use the desktop remotely through VNC?

The next issue is security. As I need to use it very seldom I think two small scripts would come in hand, one to start and another to stop the VNC server. I could copy them to their desktop so they would just double click it whenever was necessary and be otherwise safe.

What's the name of the VNC server, the application itself?
How do I stop it?