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Thread: One of Linux's biggest lessons: Don't preach, mention

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    Re: One of Linux's biggest lessons: Don't preach, mention

    Quote Originally Posted by smartboyathome View Post
    I have been around the forums since last year, and have experienced this myself. It seems each new user to Ubuntu wants to preach its benefits to everyone and convert the world. Let me ask you this: when was the last time this worked to convert you to anything? It just doesn't work with humans. If you try to force the decision on most people, they will reject it. Its great that you love it, but maybe it won't work for someone else, or they are happy with what they have. Ubuntu isn't the end all operating system, it does have its flaws.

    Instead of trying to convert everyone by preaching to them, just mention it when asked. Carry a livecd or usb so that when you are using someone else's computer you can use that on it to do your stuff. They will naturally be curious when you boot up to it. Just use it, and if they ask you questions patiently and kindly answer them. If this were to happen, not only would we get more people trying Linux, but we would have less rants in the User Testimonials & Experiences section, since misinformation would be less likely to be used to try to make them change.

    Have a nice day/night everyone! Remember this the next time you go to preach!

    i have to agree with you totally that this is typical human behavior

    But is not only linux, it's everything !

    Global Warming
    has been mentioned over and over for over 50 years ! Now, the new generations are thought to be more conscious, but still BIG OIL MEGACORPS want to keep drilling, governments start wars, etc.

    We didn't care for wildlife till many species got extinct!

    We didn't care for the ozone layer till skin Cancer cases increased dramatically.

    We didn't care for Road safety till thousands upon thousands have died in "preventable" accidents..

    Educating the newer generations to take better choices is the Key, plain and simple.

    It's harder to show old dogs new tricks, teach the young ones or whom really want to learn.

    People who Choose FOSS are also more responsible with other Human beings, with our society, think more in the planet and in the future of Human Kind.

    FOSS is the right thing to do.

    and like @smartboyathome said, get the word out gently so people don't get scared away.

    i too get scared of "aggressive preachers"
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