This is my one more attempt to move to Linux... I've patience and I've given many tries time to time....

I've creative zen mp3 player and usually i sync it with my hdd drive. I use creative software and maintain exclusive directory structure on zen player for music of various languages and tempo like: New Hindi, Old Hindi, English, Marathi, Classical, Vocal
I use winamp to tag the mp3 files and in 90% of the time when I ask winamp to auto tag the file it works. Later on I use another tool to rename the file as "<Artist> - <Track Name>"

I'd like to make thing work exactly the same way... I'm now using latest GNomad2 which now without crashing is able to transfer my files from Zen to HDD but by distroying the entire directory structure. I'm ok with the same... However I need a way to autotag the mp3 files. So far I've tried 3 tools and all them fail.
1. easytag - lacks the auto tagging and music ID3 tag guessing that winamp provides
2. tagtool - does not provide auto tagging of files and tag guessing
3. cowbell - does not provide auto tagging of files and tag guessing
4. Amarok & Rhythumbox - has only manual tagging facility
5. Picard - Tag guess is very poor
6. Jaikoz - is a paid tool

Equally I need a tool to rename files based on ID3 tag.

Can anyone suggest some good tools to do the same? i.e to autotag files and renames files based on the ID3 info.