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Thread: HOW TO: Fix video problem on the Dell Latitude C600/C500

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    HOW TO: Fix video problem on the Dell Latitude C600/C500

    After a lot of hair pulling, cussing and no help I figured out a fix for the Dell Latitude C600/C500 video problem.

    This is a ATI Rage 128 Mobility graphics card. The problem is not with the drivers, bit with X configuration.

    1) Start with the clean install of ubuntu. This will give you 800x600 screen resolution.

    2) Download the xorgconf24.txt to you desktop. This is at the bottom of the message under Attached Files Note: As suggested by other users, I have included resolution depth of 16. If the depth of 24 is undesirable, repeat all the steps but download xorgconf16.txt instead.

    3) Start Terminal (Applications/Accessories/Terminal)

    4) Enter the command cd /etc/X11/ (This is case sensitive as in capital X and has a space between the cd and /etc/X11 To paste in the Terminal use Shift+Ctrl+V)
    cd /etc/X11/
    5) Enter command sudo gedit xorg.conf
    sudo gedit xorg.conf
    6) Enter your root/Admin password. (The text editor will open the problem file.)

    7) Click the Open button.

    8) Open the downloaded xorgconf.txt file that was saved to the desktop.

    9) Delete all the contents of xorg.conf (Problem file)

    10) Copy all contents from xorgconf.txt (Working file)

    11) Paste all contents to xorg.conf (New Working file)

    12) Save xorg.conf

    14) Reboot the laptop.

    When the laptop restarts, it will be in the 1024x768 screen resolution.

    I know their is a lot of instructions here.
    If you have questions, easer steps, or find a mistake or misspelling please let me know. This is a work in progress.
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