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Thread: [SOLVED] Firewall Recomendation?

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    [SOLVED] Firewall Recomendation?

    Hey everyone. I've been using Linux for a while now and have worked with iptables before. I am curious, however about whether anyone can recommend a good front-end to iptables that will allow me to do the following:

    1. Switch between using my wireless and Ethernet cards to access the internet.
    2. Use a variety of networks without having to restart/reconfigure my firewall each time (school, work, home, etc.).

    The reason I want to have the above two features in a firewall is I have a laptop with both a wireless and Ethernet card that I use at school, work and home. Because of this, I end up jumping from network to network throughout the day, and while I use wireless most the time, I sometimes need to connect to the ethernet instead. In each of these situations, I use DHCP to receive an IP address, so I can't just specify a specific address in iptables that I want to allow traffic into and block all others. I've worked with shorewall, firestarter, and guarddog in the past, but none of these have been able to meet my two needs listed above. Does anyone know of a front-end to iptables that will function in this type of environment without needing to be reconfigured or started and stopped each time? I know that Linux is fairly secure even without a firewall as long as its set up correctly, keep it up-to-date, and you don't leave unused ports open, but "the Penguin" isn't perfect and I feel better about having the extra layer of security.
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