Hello everybody. I am a newbie to this forum and Ubuntu which I installed as the only OS on my desktop a few days ago. Everything was easy to setup and so far I am very impressed with how it looks and runs. So far I only have one minor network problem but i would like to overcome this if possible.

I have the following network set up:

Netgear DG834GT router as my ADSL connection and operating as "G" wireless for IBM T22 Laptop with XP Pro. Dell desktop connected via cable running Ubuntu 8.04LTS.

Apple Time Capsule(TC) running "N" only for my MBP as a bridge from the Netgear.

All software and hardware have the latest updates installed.

The MBP and IBM can access and read/write to the TC, the MBP can access the shared files on the IBM. (Not yet worked out how to share files on the MBP).

The Dell running Ubuntu can see the TC and IBM, it can access the shared files on the IBM. It cannot see the files on the TC and when I try to put a file on the TC it gives a not permitted error message. The Dell was previously running XP Pro and could read/write to the TC.

I am guessing this is a Ubuntu setting/compatibility problem. Has any one any idea how/if I can get Ubuntu to read/write to the TC please.