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Thread: T43 battery won't charge

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    T43 battery won't charge

    I've just reinstall Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.04 on my Thinkpad T43 laptop. Everything works fine (except for the ATI driver thing but I don't need compiz anyway) until this morning when I notice that my battery is not charging. I'm using the tp_smapi to put the start_charge_thres to 50. However, when it get to 49, the gnome_desktop_manager icon say: charging, remaining time unknown. I look at the remaining_charging_time in smapi folder and see: not charging. Just want to ask: is this a bug in 8.04, a problem of tp_smapi or a permanent problem of Ubuntu?

    I've been using Windows XP + Kubuntu 7.10 for some time and every thing worked fine before, including the battery control feature.


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    Re: T43 battery won't charge

    This is just funny.

    My Gnome Power Manager is now working correctly, after I install IBM Power Managerment on Windows XP.

    Some time ago, I was asking about setting the start_charge_thres and some one told me to set it in Windows and it'll work on my Kubuntu. I observed it once more this time.

    What a strange dependency between Windows and Linux!


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