Hello everybody,

I accidentally set hardy haeron 32bit up on an ASUS m2n pc in order to back up data (1.5 TB) from another PC which I want to switch over from xp64 to hardy haeron (including reformating the GPT raid). I had already started copying files at roughly 500 Mbit/s when I realised I had the 32bit version installed.
I thought I'd give the 64 bit version a trial run (and play with my emu 1616m sound card) and thus decided to install the new studio 64 (kernel 2.6.24-16-rt)...
Now the copy performance is down 60 - 70% to 180 - 200 Mbit/s (no changes to hardware / topology)

Since I do intend to use this pc for music purposes I'd prefer to fix this performance issue instead of reverting to the 32bit hardy haeron install.

I'd appreciate any suggestions