I was told that linux is necessary in order to work in a science field, so I had one of the grad students I was working with install Ubuntu 8.04 the day it was released.

But since then I've been having some issues with regular software. Sometimes the sound will work, and other times it won't, either after I've restarted, or if I start up from sleep.

Also, every time I open one of the 2 media players I have (the one that comes with it and Amarok) the player no longer seems to think my song files exist, and depopulates the playlist. I'm not sure if this is because they are in folders on the windows part of my machine or not, but I'd rather not have to have 2 copies of all my songs.
Similar to this, sometimes when I try to play movies in Ubuntu there is either no sound again, or the player will open the player, appear as though its about to play the movie, but will just sit at 0:00 without moving.

Any suggestions? I'm not the most computer knowledgeable person, even in Windows.