Hello all so I got Ubuntu 8.04 installed and I was going to try and get my wireless working on my laptop. I have a Dell D830 with a Dell 1505 Draft N wireless card.

I have read quite few posts and frankly I am lost. It seems that I need to use the windows driver and the ndiswrapper? Howver I could nto see how to install the ndiswrapper itself. In the help it says that it should be part of the install packages available but I could nbot find there. then I saw on a differentpost that it was built into this version of Ubuntu and I should use the network manager? But in network manager I did not see anything about enabling the adapter in fact it was not listed there all I saw a modem and wired ethernet card. It seems that the documentation is a little scattered.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks first experience with Linux and I would really like to get it going!