As I look through the threads here, I am finding a lot of people have difficulty configuring Hardy and Nvidia. I just upgaded on my desktop from Gutsy, and it is wreaking havoc with my display. I never had any problem like this in any previous version of Ubuntu, but I can see I am not the only one.

I have an Nvidia Geforce 5500 for which I have been using the 169. driver (latest) in Gutsy. I have a Samsung Syncmaster 19" LCD monitor. Hardy failed to recognize either of them. If I install the restricted driver from the Synaptic, it will only accept resolution of 800X600, and the installation of the driver through EnvyNG does the same thing. I have not found a solution, but I know others are experiencing the same issue.

If anyone has found a solution, I would sure like to know about it.

Any help is appreciated.