Hello everyone.

I am a complete newby to all this Linux stuff. A few weeks ago, i downloaded and installed the latest release of Ubuntu onto my MacPro. The installation completed with no problems at all. I quickly figured out how to get m second display working and then hit a stumbling block. No sound!

Anyway, i have just downloaded the newly released Ubuntu and decided to give the whole thing another go. Curiosity, more than anything else.

Last time i installed, i simply put the disc in the drive, formatted a spare HD and let the installer run. However, before i install this new release, i would like some expert guidance to make sure i do the whole thing properly. I would like to get as much of my Mac Pro hardware working as possible and would appreciate some step-by-step help with this.

A list of my hardware...

MacPro 3.0Ghz 8core (April 2007 model), 16GB RAM, ATI X1900XT, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth, Sonnet PCIe USB2 card. I have two 23" Apple Cinema Displays connected to it all as well as an Epson Stylus DX8400 printer, Maxtor 500GB external USB 2 HD and a 500GB Apple Time Capsule.

Firstly, i would like to know if should just bung in the Ubuntu CD and install it onto a spare HD. Should i do anything prior to install? Once i have installed, what should i do next? How do i enable the Bluetooth, Wireless, Sound etc etc?

Since i last installed Ubuntu, i have added Vista Ultimate 64bit to my Mac Pro. Along with XP Pro and Mac OS X 10.5.2, adding Ubuntu will produce a quadruple boot system. OS X, XP Pro, Vista 64bit + Ubuntu.

Any help will be much appreciated. In return, i will be happy to offer help with Apple equipment as i am an Apple Tech.