hello all,

I am going to put 8.04 onto an acer aspire laptop 7720-6374 - I tried to put on ubuntu 7.10 and it installed ok but I had a nightmare getting the keys mapped properly - I believe my keyboard layout is for both an English and French Canadian layout. However installing 7.10 always gave me the default (green alternate character on the keyboard) display which I do not want - effectively I ended up not being able to use | or ~.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an 8.04 install and on an other topic should I be concerned that the CPU fan will have problems on this acer as I believe it is controlled by software that is part of vista but not availble for linux. Same goes with sound I assume that I will still have the problem with getting sound fixed unless I update alsa and adjust the config for Acer.

Any feedback is much appreciated and I will comment on the install when done.