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Thread: Dell Warranty question

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    Dell Warranty question

    The other day I ordered an XPS M1330... with Vista... the price was amazingly low compared to the N-series counterpart because of a huge promotion... I couldn't resist.

    Will installing Ubuntu or any Linux distro have any effect on my warranty? It is listed as 3Yr In-Home Service, Parts + Labor, 24x7 Phone Support
    2 reps in sales said my warranty would remain in tact (I don't think they know the meaning of "Linux Distribution") and 1 in tech support said I would void it. I searched the web for answers, but I have seen anywhere from absolutely to definitely not! I posted on the Dell community forum and one person said that the hardware warranty would still be valid... but that is still just 2 sales reps and 1 community member versus a tech support rep.

    How far can I go without voiding my warranty? I want to be covered if my LED screen stops working, or the CD bay fails... etc.

    Case 1:
    Resize Windows partition, format backup partition into Swap and large FAT32 share partition, install 64-bit Ubuntu and boot using Windows Boot Loader.

    Case 2:
    Delete Dell Restore partition followed by Level 1

    Case 3:
    Completely reformat drive to run Vista in a VM in Ubuntu 64 bit... keeping the Vista CD in case I have to send my computer in to Dell to get it serviced.

    Case 4:
    Get a $50 refund from Microsoft and go completely Open... which I would be happy to do.

    I attached the purchase details. Thank you!
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