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I pretty much only use SSH for one program (Amarok), so I want to be able to just put a launcher on my desktop with a command like "ssh -X user@ amarok" and not have to open a terminal and type in a password.My 2 *buntu boxes are on a WEP protected wireless network and my router only forwards a couple hi-end ports for Ktorrent. Is there really a need for me to passphrase-protect my key if i'm only planning on SSHing from my local network?
I'm no expert, but I would say... yes. The only reason I don't is because it's for my Palm (running Angstrom Linux) over a USB connection, and I don't care about it too much. Oh, and if you want to know how secure WEP is, search the Ubuntu repositories for "aircrack". Heck - if I didn't have any moral sense, I'd be messing with my neighbors' computers all the time, encrypted or not!