When posting Wine help requests, there are a few key items that should be included in any post that will help us help you:
  1. Wine version - Wine is updated roughly every two weeks. Each update includes numerous changes and fixes. Knowing which version you are using can often lead to very specific fixes for whatever problem you may be having
  2. Terminal output - Run your application from the terminal and include the output in your post (make sure you use the forum CODE tags). The informational and error messages provided in the terminal can be very helpful in pinpointing where the problem is occurring
  3. Wine configuration - How you have Wine configured changes how Wine behaves greatly and may be the cause of whatever issue you may be having. Configuration items to consider including are :
    • OS version
    • Library overrides
    • Sound settings, all options
    • Graphics settings, all options
    • Registry edits
  4. Hardware specs/drivers - This is especially important if the application you are having issues with is a 3D game.
  5. Other Wine applications - Include any other apps you may have installed in your Wine directory

Providing this info will greatly increase the chances that someone on these forums will be able to help solve your problem.