First... for fun, to explore and to learn I've installed MythTV over a dozen times in the last 6 months on various flavors of Linux. MythBuntu is by far the slickest and least problematic install I've completed so far. My previous favorite was MythDora.

My TV is capable of 1080i although I don't have any cable signal to drive that. My MythBuntu box is connected via Component (YPbPr) at 1920x1080 through a GEForce 6600 Card. It won't matter to my question but my capture card is a PVR-150.

I 'recycled' a machine. It's a 3.0Ghz P4 chip with 512MB of memory. I believe the HD is IDE. FSB is 400/533/800 and I don't know which speed it's running. Unfortunately (I've read some bad reports) my MoBo uses the VIA chipsets (North Bridge VIA P4M800, South Bridge VIA VT8237R)

I downloaded a 'test' file that is encoded in High Definition (1080P) format. This is an .mkv file, which I'm not familiar with, but which plays fine (well almost).

The problem is that after about 30 seconds the video and audio playback develop a sort of stuttering problem. Every second or so it sort of skips for a split second and then continues.

I'm assuming the system just can't keep up, but before I gave up on HD (with my current equipment) I just wanted to get a quick sanity check.

Would you assume this should work or is my assumption about the Hardware not being up to the task a good one?