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Thread: problem with automatic weekly build

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    problem with automatic weekly build

    edit... i guess this sounds like a question.. which is probably inappropriate for a development product. i was really just curious as to whether it was a bug in the latest build .. or a stevetv bug (im good at breaking things).

    did i have a problem with the automatic weekly build?

    i added the apt-key and the repository as directed. and then sudo apt-get upgrade. apt installed updates for most of the mythtv modules.

    i use standard XvMC with bob x 2 deinterlacing. this combination has worked well for me for several years.

    however prior to the up i was able to view tv using ffmpeg or indeed the other decoders. after the upgrade i was ONLY able to use XvMC. if i use something other than the standard XvMC or VIA XvMC, i cannot watch tv.. it's as if the horizontal or vertial sync is out somehow.. and i just get lines across the screen.

    even with XvMC enabled, i get a garbled screen for the first second or so until the XvMC kicks in (ie the time that it would previously take for the USD to go from colour to black and white).

    Sorry for my crap knowledge... the weekly builds simply updates mythtv to the latest ubuntu build correct?

    i actually reformatted and did a reinstall. possibly i shouldve looked at the logs. i'll do it again to see if i can repeat the problem.. and then post logs.
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