Hello !
My first message around here and a kind of newbie question

Sorry for my english as i'm french, but i'll try to do my best to be understood.

I'm a linux user since 1999, and actually in love with Kubuntu 8)

As i have a pretty good HomeCinema installation 7.1 Infinity Beta Speaker system + Onkyo TX_SR604E AV AmpliTuner, and playing videos with a homeDVD all in YUV cables i would like to upgrade with a all in one box with Mythbuntu.

I found a lot of interesting different hardware but only with Windows software .. definitely not my way !

Of course the choice of hardware is here as usual a problem ..
What i would like in minimum specs :
- video out :YUV (no HDMI ) dual with vga or DVI ,1080P support
- video in : TV with TNT support
- audio out : optical, digital S/PDIF and standard 3.5 jacks connections
- standard remote controller (to integrate with my onkyo controller)
- ethernet 10/100/1000
- USB 2 : 2X
- DVD-+RW capabilities
- Small size box, low power consumption (<150 W) external power would be better (box could be use in a car when traveling)
- Noise at the minimum
- Hard disk : i guess a 2.5 - 160 GO
- remote keyboard/trackball

Example of config but with windows stuff inside => the Shuttle XPC 2000 http://hq1.shuttle.com/products_page...PLLI=325&PI=95

I guess a good laptop with YUV video and optical-S/PDIF audio could be the solution but i've no clue of finding those kind of laptop config ..

I hope you could give me some good solutions