Items 1-3 copied from my post in multimedia forum.

1. Guided partitioning: The default seems to be 50% of the drive is used for the OS. Could the default be set to the required space that a Standard Mythbuntu install uses, plus a reasonable safety margin? What is the default Swap size in guided partitioning? is it 2X memory size? If memory is large enough, wouldn't 2X be a waste of drive space?

2. Kernel memory use: Does the standard kernel utilize all available memory or is it limited to 1gig? I read that the standard linux kernel would not utilize all available memory, and one would have to be compiled to use more than that. A followup would be is myth able to use memory above the 1gig limit?

3. LVM support: I'm running a 5 drive system on my master backend. An option to set up a LVM with the EXT3 space on the primary drive and all of the space on the additional drives would be sweet.

4. Possible bug: when erasing all recordings, or the last recording; the system seems to hang on the now empty menu. ESC doesn't return me to the prior level. It takes a forced reboot to get back to operational condition. This has happened several times.

5. Possible bug: after a scheduled recording aborted, the recordings menu reported no recordings at all. System status indicated drive space useage. Reboot recovered recordings. One occurance each of the aborted recording and the temporary loss of all other recordings.

Any estimate of release date?

Thanks for the efforts on Mythbuntu!