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Thread: How I got Halo: Combat evolved working on wine 0.9.39

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    How I got Halo: Combat evolved working on wine 0.9.39

    In order to help those getting it working, here are the exact steps I followed to get Halo working.

    This guide will also work for Crossover. Halo works following this guide for 6.1 and 6.2. 6.2 sees better performance and the lack of the "window" bug, meaning until the crash on startup regression is fixed Crossover 6.2 is the best way to play Halo.

    NOTE: Regressions in Wine 0.9.43 prevent Halo from working, use wine 0.9.42, or if all else fails, fall back to 0.9.39. The regression has yet to be fixed. I will do a regression test when I'm able to next, with hoping that this will eventually be fixed.

    Update: This appears to be fixed with 0.9.52, however there does appear to be an abnormally high amount of memory usage.

    == Step 1: Install wine ==
    1. Install wine, following instructions on winehq: Remember to run winecfg, and configure your sound drivers. It doesn't matter whether you're set to OSS or ALSA, performance is the same.

    == Step 2: Preparation ==

    1. (Optional, ignore if installed with add/remove program) FInd a .exe file, for example the setup.exe on your halo cd, right-click it and click properties. Click on Open with, and click add. Click custom command, and type wine. Click add and then close.
    2. Go to , download the file and open it. Then copy the file to your system32 folder in your fake c drive

    == Step 2: Install Halo ==

    1. Double click setup.Exe in your halo cd, or run
      wine /path/to/cdrom/Setup.Exe
      in a terminal
    2. Follow the install through, it will generate a few errors that can be safely ignored.
    3. At the end of the install do not press Play now, it will not work.

    == Step 3: Necessary settings ==

    1. In your Halo folder, run haloupdate.exe to update to the latest version OR download this file and run it:
    2. Copy protection does not work, in order to get the game working, a no-cd crack must be used.
    3. Then right click on the Halo icon on your desktop and click properties. (If it isn't there, make one, using
      env WINEPREFIX="/home/chris/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe"
      as the command, assuming that's where you installed the game)
    4. Click Launcher, and in the Command box, after the speech marks (at the end) add -novideo. For example
      env WINEPREFIX="/home/chris/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe" -novideo

    == Step 4: Playing! ==

    You should now be able to run the game simply by clicking on the desktop shortcut. But there are some full screen issues. I recommend you run the game in a virtual desktop (configure that by running winecfg). Also make sure that if you run it like that then make sure Halo is set to run in the same resolution as wine's virtual desktop, or vice versa. To force Halo to run at your preferred resolution, add
    -vidmode w,h,r
    on the end of your command, the same way as we added the -novideo line. (make sure the -novideo line remains), changing it for you proffered resolution, for example :
    -vidmode 1024,768,60

    There are some known issues, these are explained on the appdb. I filed the Gold report that is linked, and another member (The noble) filed the bronze one underneath it. They are with Nvidia and ATI cards respectively.

    Here are a few screenshots of me playing the game:

    You can notice a slight visual glitch on the third picture, that is very minor and I personally didn't notice it until after I had taken the picture.

    Please note that I do not guarantee that the game will work for you. These are these exact steps that I followed to get the game working in the state that I gave the Gold rating. Please do not sue me if you go out and buy the game and can't get it working, ask here for help and make sure you followed the guide correctly.

    It should also be noted that I am only able to run the game by doubleclicking on the desktop icon, running the game via a terminal causes a file missing error.

    TIP: Well when it comes to a laggy mouse, unfortunately there's no known way to solve it. I do experience the issue, but not enough for me to make a big deal of it, but since other people seem to be having worse cases of the issue I've done some experimenting and found a way to lessen the issue (for me anyway)

    First disable Specular in Halo's options, then run regedit and change or create
    with the content
    This improved things, but the problem was still there, but it made the game more playable. Some people may have to lower settings in game to improve this issues. (It seems to be worse when more is on screen, which suggests that people with higher graphics cards would probably have a smoother ride.)

    TIP: offscreenrenderingmode:

    backbuffer (default) Best, no visual glitches, good performance.

    pbuffer: Good performance but many visual glitches pictured in an attachment.

    fbo: No visual glitches, but bad performance.

    I hope this helps those of you who are having problems.
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