Wow! Finally people who may see my computer as a POWERHOUSE!!

Sony Viao PCV-R545DS
P3 500MHz
maxed out with 256MB Ram
8MB video
originally a 20GB HD, but I've upped it to 80GB
  • Edubuntu 6.10 (I share it with the kids, will update after I backup the system and .deb packages).
  • Gnome for Desktop (installed and used, but not lately, Xfce)
  • Removed OpenOffice and replaced with Abiword and Gnumeric (also trying KOffice)
  • Firefox for browsing (Opera is bloated and crashed, Epiphany is nothing spectacular, if there is any speed benefit, which I don't see, it is overshadowed by Firefox's solid, stable feel)
  • Thunderbird for email
  • Kino for Digital Video editing (sort-of works)
  • I have Blender, but haven't fooled with it yet

    It does fine for the usual stuff/activities

  • kid's games (gCompris, Childsplay, etc.)
  • Web browsing and Email (dial-up a bigger slow-down)
  • mild Image manipulation (Gimp, Krita, etc.)
  • Video watching (downloaded only, nothing streaming or online)
  • iPod management (Banshee and gtkpod)
  • Website design/management (do not have Apache running on system though)
  • I have Monodevelop installed with this grand idea of fooling around with Mono at home since I work with .NET at work.. but Monodevelop has not enticed me enough and now I'm thinking of switching to NetBeans and try developing/teaching myself Java

If everything works out and I get a system from work that is powerful enough, I would like to install Edubuntu server on the new system and use this one as a thin client! We'll see.

BTW.. it's sad when my maxed out RAM is what a friend of mine has on his Video Card alone! Or when somebody pulls out a PDA with specs better than this desktop (someday my kids will pull out their PHONE more powerful than this system!!!)