Hi there, I do not have a bug number as I cannot install on a Tyan 2466 mobo (Amd 760 MP - twin Barton) with a PCI Via VT6420 SATA RAID controller and a couple of Seagate hard disks. At boot time the hard dives are not found, but still the software keeps searching for disks for a bunch of minutes; after a while the desktop cd boots into the live Ubuntu and the disks are not available for mounting. I have to say that I attempted a Fedora Core 6 test drive when it came out and I have had the same problem: googling around I came to the conclusion that the Via sata kernel module it's not working properly since the 2.6.18 kernel release; is this true? What is the kernel shipped with Herd 2? Any chance for a fix?

With regards Luca