xian@linux:~$ streamripper -d /xian/home/Rip
stream: World Gospel Outreach Radio
server name: SHOUTcast/win32 v1.9.5
bitrate: 128
meta interval: 8192

[ripping... ] Perfect Praise - Woke Up This Morning (With My Min [ 2.08M]
[ripping... ] Tony Warren - Oh Blessed Savior 03:32 [ 3.10M]
[ripping... ] SAM BOSWELL - MY LIFE 03:31 [ 3.18M]
[ripping... ] Filkey, Pastor Mark - All the Way 04:39 [ 4.96M]
[ripping... ] Missisippi Mass Choir - Lord You're Holy 07:44 [ 6.98M]
[ripping... ] BeBe Winans - When You Pray 03:57 [ 3.59M]
[ripping... ] Peggy Britt - Now Unto Him 05:08 [ 3.79M]
shutting down
Wait, are you pirating Gospel music? That seems ironic.

Bored-- Ben Folds is one of the best musicians ever. You might remember Ben Folds Five from a few years ago (there were only 3 of them, 5 just sounded better) but the band broke up and Ben is doing his own thing. It doesn't have the punch that "Army" or "Song for the Dumped" but it's much BETTER music.

Ben is also the brains behind the music for Shatner's newest album and some of the music on Weird Al Yankovic's newest album.