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Thread: Howto: [Edgy] Fix crashes with Xgl+fglrx on r200 cards (e.g., Mobility Radeon 9000)

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    Howto: [Edgy] Fix crashes with Xgl+fglrx on r200 cards (e.g., Mobility Radeon 9000)

    Open-GL Crashes

    To fix OpenGL crashes change
    -accel glx:pbuffer
    -accel glx:fbo
    in the Xgl command line. The OpenGL crashes are due to a known bug in fglrx Basically glXCreatePbuffer fails and takes Xgl with it. The solution thus is, as shown above, not to use pbuffer's for glx.

    Non-OpenGL Crashes (e.g., Xgl crashes when moving a window due to wobbly windows crashing Xgl)

    The non-openGL crashes are due to another known fglrx bug where the glDrawArrays function crashes the fglrx driver if a vertex array of greater than 4000 elements is passed to it (see this is quite an old bug).

    I have made a patch to workaround this bug (attached to this post) and have recompiled an Edgy deb with this patch, which can be found here:

    Open it with Archive Manager from firefox and then install it.


    p.s. yes this video card is supported by the open source r200 driver with AIGLX, but unfortunately that driver is nowhere as speedy as Xgl + fglrx.

    p.p.s. I made a (very) detailed bug report
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