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Thread: How To: Dansguardian Web Content Filter w/GUI (my version)

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    How To: Dansguardian Web Content Filter w/GUI (my version)

    There are now two flavors of the dansguardian w/gui scripts. One for Dapper and one for Edgy. You can download them from their respective download pages using the link below.

    Thanks, Jereme

    The info below is only for historical purposes.

    I have built a script to install Dansguardian web content filtering with a GUI that allows you to easily edit the filter settings. This is a modified script that I use for the building of Ubuntu Christian Edition as well as in the scripts to "convert" to Ubuntu Christian Edition. I figured there are probably some people who do not want Ubuntu Christian Edition, but do want Dansguardian web content filtering with a GUI.

    First let me thank those who inspired and guided this script through their work and posts.

    tonhou: an


    Packages Installed:

    Dansguardian Web Content Filtering (dansguardian, tinyproxy, clamav, firehol)
    Graphical tool to easily change the Dansguardian filter settings (gambas, libqt3-mt)

    How to run the script:
    1. Download the attached script archive to your Home directory.
    2. Right click on the archive and select Extract Here.
    3. Open a terminal window (Applications > Accessories > Terminal).
    4. Type the following then hit Enter:
    cd /home/YOURUSERNAME/install_dansguardian_gui
    5. Type the following then hit Enter:
    sudo ./install_me
    6. Type your password then hit Enter.

    Once you have finished running the script immediately reboot your computer. Dansguardian WILL NOT function correctly until after you reboot. Your original sources.list file will be restored when the script is finished.

    *Note: This is a powerful script. It will be making changes to your system and should be USED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

    **Note: This script has only been tested on a fresh install of Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper. Results may vary with other flavors of Ubuntu or different configurations.

    ***Note: You may want to make backup copies of the following files:

    ****Note: You may see a few errors during the script regarding dansguardian and clamav. These should be ignored. Once you reboot your computer these configuration issues will be resolved.

    *****Note: This script is somewhat disposable. If you need to run the script a second time you will need to extract it from the original archive.

    After you reboot you will have Dansguardian web content filtering working in all browsers. You can modify the filter settings using the GUI. The GUI is located at System > Administration > Configure Parental Controls. After making any changes be sure to save the file in gedit and click "Save & Exit" on the GUI.

    I hope you all enjoy.

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