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Thread: Disk Read Error - Nothing Is Working

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    Disk Read Error - Nothing Is Working

    I recently tried to dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 with an old Windows XP System. Instantly after installing upon start up I get "Disk Read Error" then the whole ctrl + alt + del thing. I don't get a grub menu or anything. Oddly, if I keep the usb in that I used to install Ubuntu and boot from that USB it'll bring up the Ubuntu grub menu. It'll work if I choose Ubuntu but if I choose Windows it goes back to the "Disk Read Error". I've tried countless solutions to repair the MBR. I've tried:


    Windows XP Recovery Console
    -CHKDSK /R
    -CHKDSK /P

    None of it has fixed the issue and I installed Ubuntu following the directions on a distro site. One might think it is installed to the USB since it requires the usb to boot into Ubuntu but that is incorrect. Once booted I can remove the USB and it works fine. Also, I have reformatted the USB and wiped it completely and it still requires me to boot from the USB to load the Ubuntu grub.

    I want to get my Windows XP back, and I'm definitely removing Ubuntu from that computer and never trying to dual boot again. Too much hassle. I do not wish to reformat the entire hard drive and reinstall Windows XP. I need this fixed ASAP.
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    Re: Disk Read Error - Nothing Is Working


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    Re: Disk Read Error - Nothing Is Working

    Bump x2

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    Re: Disk Read Error - Nothing Is Working

    You need to QUIT bumping -- rule of thumb around her is ONCE every 24 hours, not repeatedly. This is a GLOBAL forum and it could be some time before someone comes along, reads your thread, and provides a response.
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    Re: Disk Read Error - Nothing Is Working

    What size is the hard disk and how old is it? A read error may be an indication of a hard disk failure. Some hard disks read in the firmware on the first few cylinders and won't boot up properly if there is a disk head problem.

    When you boot into BIOS (F2 or Del) can you see your hard disk in the list of drives?

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