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Thread: ubuntu studio wubi install help

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    ubuntu studio wubi install help

    Ok I know this an old thread... But is it possible to install using wubi or should I install the standard Ubuntu windows installer & just download the packages that are present in studio version?

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    Re: ubuntu studio wubi install help

    Hello and Welcome

    You can install U Studio applications on Ubuntu (Ardour-Gimp- Blender and so on) , but Ubuntu has a different desktop environment and a different type of kernel.

    If you are seriously considering media/graphics projects a Wubi installation will only allow 30 GB of space which is not much.

    You may want to consider a traditional dual boot of Ubuntu or Ubuntu studio 12.04 LTS.
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    Re: ubuntu studio wubi install help

    Ubuntu studio is not available with Wubi at present. It will become available from release 13.04 (currently is the development release).

    It's possible to install it using the current Wubi but only with some tricks and manual workarounds.


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