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Thread: new cairo (1.12.10-1ubuntu1) & icon issues

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    new cairo (1.12.10-1ubuntu1) & icon issues

    Can show up in both unity & gnome-shell though much more common here in Unity.
    Fairly easy to cause, (at least here), took only a few min. on a new current image install.
    Usually comes from using spread multiple times in a session on un-maxed nautilus windows with a key binding, by default super+w will pull all from current ws.

    Can be fairly minor or quite extensive, gets worse if using any custom colors, icons ect, or enabling picking from a window group instead of all.
    Attached to top of bug report is a vid showing middle of the road nonsense, attached below is 2 screens from new install, 2 nautilus home folders with a few borked icons in upper window
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