Recently, I had to reinstall ubuntu when I woke up one morning and found that the OS kept booting to grub. At the time I also had a windows partition and that worked fine while ubuntu didn't. I am wondering if this was due to the same problem.

There were always a few graphics problems (i.e the thing that runs programs from the loader wouldnt display, and the computer would struggle when I tried to alt+tab between programs) but it was working ok until today.

Now, a week after reformatting and reinstalling, it's crashed to the extent that the OS won't *visibly* do anything at all when I turn it on. Or, intermittently, it will work and then crash after a little while.

Is this a hardware or a software problem?

Is there anything I can do other than reinstalling ubuntu?

Thank you all in advance...

P.S I should note I'm not very experienced in terminal but I'd be more than willing willing to give more technical fixes a try if I can get step-by-step instructions.