Hi, I just bought a new Asus G55VW ROG notebook. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS alongside Windows 8 without success.

I tried several different things:
1. I installed from Windows using wubi. Now in win boot loader I get Win 8 and Ubuntu but Ubuntu won't load (I get an black error screen about wubildr)
2. I tried installing Ubuntu from a live-USB but Ubuntu wouldn't load the desktop environment, just a command line.
3. So I tried to install Ubuntu without trying it before and the installer run "smoothly" (with GUI). After rebooting the PC I get to grub and I have all the options: Ubuntu, recovery, Win 8, etc. The problem is that Ubuntu still won't load the desktop environment.
4. I tried installing the nvidia-current drivers from the command line but it keeps complaining about held back packages and missing dependencies